Genre: realistic, graphic novel

Format: Paperback, 184 pages

Published: November 12, 2013 // First Second

Rating: 1/5 stars

Summary (Goodreads): Jane’s new in town. When she wipes out on her skateboard right in front of Jack’s food cart, she finds herself agreeing to go on a date with him. Jane’s psyched that her love life is taking a turn for the friskier, but it turns out that Jack has a spotty romantic history, to put it mildly. Cue the Cute Girl Network–a phone tree information-pooling group of local single women. Poor Jane is about to learn every detail of Jack’s past misadventures…whether she wants to or not. Will love prevail?

I’d just like to say before we get started that I don’t normally read graphic novels. I was at my library and had the small urge to read one, so I picked this one with the librarian’s choice sticker, thinking it’d be short and fun. Boy, this was disappointing.

It seemed to me to be a weird kind of feminism. The girls in the network are only concerned with putting men down under the pretense of saving their friends from bad relationships. I understand that the point of Jane’s story was to not do what her friends told her and to do what she believes, but the characters in general were awful. Jack is an idiot (and despite what some say, not in a good way), most of the girls are cruel, and other minor characters are raging misogynists. The plot was boring, there was no clear message and the details were nowhere to be found. The whole book took me around 45 minutes to read and the entire time I had a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m going to keep trying with graphic novels, but maybe I should find one that people highly recommend to me personally. I know this review is short, but I’ve been in a small slump and don’t really have anything else to say except for don’t read this. Once I finish The Midnight Star I’ll have more to write.

xx, J


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